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Kyle Byrd

Founder/Executive Director


Brandon Byrd

Associate Director / Senior Worship Leader


We The Remnant

The Front Line Ministries Worship Band

WTR '18

“The foundation of which worship is built upon comes from the obedient act of sacrifice. We don’t desire to raise of a generation of good singers, but a generation of warriors that are willing to lay down their worship at the altar of praise and go after God with their entire life.” ~WTR

Introduced in the morning sessions of Seek Week 2011, the Front Line Ministries Worship Band, PS 150, burst onto the contemporary Christian music scene!  Led by Kyle Byrd's son, Brandon, PS 150 offered a new option for youth ministries and churches that were looking for a fresh, new, and powerful alternative to the countless options of Christian worship bands.

In 2016, with Brandon sensing the need to head a whole new direction with a radically different heartbeat, God assembled an entirely new group of musicians with a passion for MORE!  Desiring their name to accurately represent their calling, the band is now called ... We The Remnant!

Comprised of more than 10 members, this "army" of prophetic musicians believes that the Word has never been more alive, and that the Lord is calling out a "remnant" from within the modern-day church to take a radical stand against the darkness of the world in these latter days. Offering a combination of some of the most cutting-edge contemporary Christian worship of today, along with some of their own originally written and arranged songs, WTR can engage believers of all ages, as they challenge them to love God outloud and unashamed!  With a full team of musicians, supported by phenominal background vocalists and percussionists, Brandon and his band can serve in a variety of settings.  From a single-evening emphasis, to a weekend d-now, to a full week camp or crusade. From Brandon leading worship solo, to some unique combination of the team, to the full band ... WTR is a worship band that will be a blessing to all involved as they minister to your people ... not just from the stage, but relationally as they spend time talking and praying with them during the "down times".

To schedule We The Remnant for your next event, contact the Front Line Ministries office today.  Or, better yet, just submit a booking request directly from this website!  The results could be life, youth ministry, church, or community changing!


Anthony Evans

Associate Worship Leader

Tony '18

Anthony Evans (Tony) is a tremendously gifted young man!  He was discovered as a middle schooler within the student ministry of our initial church plant in Burnet, TX ... Church at The Epicenter.

The day Tony showed up, he immediately gravitated to the musical expressions of our ministry.  Over time, Brandon developed him as the leader of our youth band at the church.  It didn't take long for him to demonstrate a hunger for more opportunities to grow as a worship leader, so he was integrated as an associate within the church-wide worship team.  From there, it was simply the next step to create opportunities for Tony to begin traveling with FLM, as needed, to provide worship for some of our events.

Today, it is not uncommon for Tony to lead the entire worship band [We The Remnant], allowing Brandon to sit down behind the drums ... where it all began for him!

Whether it is the entire band, just Brandon, or just Anthony ... Presence-based worship is a unique strength of Front Line Ministries!